Mesén Around is an indie music project based in the greater Philadelphia area. It’s the

solo project of well-known singer-songwriter Brandon Mesen. Before adopting the

playful moniker, Mesen, originally from the town of West Chester, performed and

recorded under his own name for several years. Mesén Around has played at popular

venues all around the area, including Connie’s Ric Rac, Bourbon & Branch, Kung Fu

necktie and Mad Rex. He’s also been featured on several indie radio stations throughout

the years. He takes influence from artists everywhere, and dedicates himself to

collaborating with as many people involved in music as possible, demonstrating all that

can be achieved when people of similar interests and aspirations work together. Mesén

Around’s sound is extremely approachable for all fans of the indie and lo-fi genres,

combining his brilliant guitar playing and vocals with electronics, effects, monologues,

and ambient soundscapes.

Mesén Around’s latest release is the eleven-track album Sex in the Sky, which dropped

just a few days ago on October 19 th . This album gives the listener a raw, intimate

aesthetic, and song structure that makes use of unique chords in a way similar to artists

like King Krule. The track “I Can’t Feel You” is really chill, and makes use of multiple

layers of guitars to compliment Mesen’s great singing voice, all topped off with a fun

steel drum sounding synth. “Sleep Walking” has a groove that combines raw, unique

chord progressions a la King Krule with a vibe similar to The Dark Side of the Moon. An

extremely high point of this album is “My Crazy Diamond,” a bluesy, intimate, and

moving track with a carefully crafted melody in the spirit of one of Analog Rebellion’s

slower songs. The instrumental “My Friend?” has the guitar elements of an early Iron &

Wine tune, with some spacey synths coming in to open things up and make it feel modern

and unique. Although the album in its entirety is relatively short, the music making up

that span is beautiful and well crafted.

Currently, Mesén Around is on the performance grind playing a variety of venues and

house shows. His most recent gig was at a house venue called The Soda Bar near Temple

University in Philly, alongside Dyce and the Law and Goggin.