Creatio, the moniker of musician and singer-songwriter Stephen Mabe, is an artist

currently based in Tobaccoville, North Carolina. Originally from Winston-Salem, NC,

Creatio began in the form of a three-piece band in 2016. After becoming established and

playing a variety of shows, tragedy struck in the form of a freak vehicle accident,

unfortunately bringing Creatio the band to an end. However, earlier this year, Mabe

decided to revive Creatio as a solo act. Over the past year, Creatio has played extensively

around the US, including venues like the Front Row in Roanoke, Virginia, the Empty

Glass in Charleston, West Virginia, the Lucky Lager in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, and

Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC. He’s also played in the greater Philadelphia

area at venues like Proud Mary’s in Atlantic City and well known Philly venues Connie’s

Ric Rac and 13639 Philmont Ave. Creatio’s sound is influenced by many genres, mainly

indie, blues, and alternative.

A few weeks ago, Creatio dropped his newest single, “Rock ‘N Roll Jesus (Take Me

Home),” available on all streaming services. Listening to this single will make fans of

raw, guitar-based music, instantly make comparisons to Mount Eerie, Bon Iver, and

Neutral Milk Hotel. The descending lead line present at the end of many chord structures

are interesting to listen to, and show off Creatio’s musicianship as a guitarist. Mabe’s

vocals are deep, soulful, and emotional, coming to an accessible climax in each “Take me

home” chorus. Some simple effects are added in production to enhance the sound, and the

use of double tracked vocals makes the singing sound full, as if the song was being

performed in a large venue.

Currently, Creatio just finished up a show at Somewhere Else Tavern, and is spending

New Year’s Eve playing at Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay, Georgia. The next chance to

see Creatio live is on January 4 th at McHale’s Irish Pub in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

There are so many shows on the horizon for Creatio, and we hope to see him back in the

Philly area soon. He’s achieved so much in such a short time and doesn’t show any sign

of slowing down. Keep following Creatio as he continues to make new music and travel

all over.