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Dec 19, 2019

Blushed is a rock band from and based in Philadelphia, PA. Formed in 2016, the band

consists of guitarist and vocalist Missy Pidgeon, bassist and vocalist Alyssa Milman,

drummer Matty Klauser, and guitarist Dan Leinweber. Over the past few years, Blushed

has gained a ton of momentum and a great following, releasing several tracks and playing in cities like Baltimore, MD, Charlotte, NC, Washington D.C., and New York City. Extremely active in their hometown scene, Philly venues they’ve played include the Barbary, Kung Fu Necktie, Tralfamadore, and Johnny Brenda’s. Blushed’s sound

incorporates elements of grunge, surf rock, and garage that fans of rock music

everywhere will enjoy. The band is currently with goodhowareyou records.

Blushed’s latest single, “Finally Enjoying My Life,” was released on August 16th . A

bright an upbeat track, the single serves as a great intro to how the band brings all their influences together. In addition to them, there are also some elements of power pop and psychedelic. The guitars interact in a really cool way; with the raw, rhythmic, and grungy rhythm part and the spacey and melodic lead part. The bass is warm and present throughout, often playing cool rhythmic and melodic lines at various points. Vocals are relaxed and confidently delivered, with great use of harmony. Drums play a variety of different rhythms in a way that keeps the track fun, energetic, and fascinating. Some theatrics are incorporated as well with the voices of people enjoying themselves, as the title implies. In June 2018, Blushed released the EP, So Cool. The three-track EP contains more great songs like the opening track, “Weak.” This is a dreamy track with a casual but energetic vibe that’s awesome to listen to when just chilling out. Guitars are full and brought out with a grunge vibe, once again with great interaction between lead and rhythm. The rhythms from the bass part really drive this track thanks to crisp technicality and an awesome melody to go with it. The drums begin the track with steady, light, and relaxed playing before bringing a ton of energy and cool rhythms as the track goes on. Vocals stand out in a great way thanks to a high energy, punk rock style delivery, once again incorporating some cool harmony. Long sustained notes at the track’s end really cement the vocal performance as stellar. Another track on the EP, “Webcam,” is a fast moving and confident surf rock jam. All the vocals and instrumentals come together for an energetic, soulful, and bluesy track, featuring a slower section in the middle that brings great dramatic effect. The song’s energetic conclusion leaves you wanting to listen to it on repeat.

Currently, Blushed is preparing for what’s sure to be an eventful 2020, with shows at

venues, house shows, and new music on the way. Their most recent show was at Satan

Place Rody’s Abode along with Ma’aM, The New Aquarian, and All Verbs. As an active

band with so much momemtum on their side, we can surely expect Blushed to do great

things for many years. Follow them today and hear for yourself their unique take on rock music.

Steven Giller

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