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Calloway Circus

Apr 14, 2019

Calloway Circus is an alternative band based in St. Louis, MO. Formed in 2015, the duo

consists of founder Ben McGuiness along with Tyler Andrew. Over the past few years,

Calloway Circus has built a solid following in St. Louis and beyond, releasing plenty of

music and playing at venues all over the US. Some venues include the Firebird, the Demo STL, and Cicero’s in St. Louis, as well as the Elbo Room in Chicago, IL and Jackpot Music Hall in Lawrence, KS. The band’s music is extremely energetic and described by the duo as alternative pop. However, various influences from all different areas inspire their unique sound.

Earlier this month, Calloway Circus released their new album, titled Entropy. The nine-

track album is a well-produced collection of tracks that showcase a modern yet unique

and original sound. The opening track, “Look What You’ve Done,” features electronics

and vocal effects in the verses before transitioning in guitar driven choruses. Its bridge

section features a spoken word passage in the spirit of Linkin Park and Twenty One

Pilots, and a very technical lead guitar solo brings the track to its final chorus. “Gray” is a pop-oriented track with an “arena-like” drum part, relatable lyrical content, and a tasteful blend of rock and electronic elements. This track is a great place to start for first time listeners, as its chorus is extremely catchy. Another highlight of the album is the indie and electronic inspired “Oxygen,” which features dreamy synths, energetic vocal delivery, and several mid/late 2000’s inspired elements very reminiscent of Freelance Whales and Swimming With Dolphins. “Mess” presents the listener with a rock-oriented sound through its guitar and drum parts, elements of pop punk, and a creative faded outro featuring a cool guitar effect. While these songs are highlights, Entropy is worth at least one entire listen for literally anyone who’s a fan of alternative music.

Recently, Calloway Circus just played their album release show at the Ready Room in St.

Louis, along with CIVL, Tristate, Relyness, and Biff K’narly and the Reptilians. Their

next show will be on May 3rd at Fubar in St. Louis, as they play Unimagined’s album

release tour along with In Vein, Broken Youth, Skylines, and the Howl Twins. With a

sound that’s high energy, diverse, modern, and relatable, Calloway Circus has become an established staple of the St. Louis music scene, and the momentum from their new album gives even more reason to check out their music. Follow Calloway Circus and keep up with their continued adventures in 2019 and beyond.

Steven Giller

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