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Broken Youth

Feb 20, 2020

Broken Youth is a nu metal/metalcore band from and based in St. Louis, MO. Formed in

2017, the band consists of vocalist Trinity Albritton, bassist and vocalist Keegan Walker,

guitarist Stephen McClain, and drummer Zach Allard. Over the past few years, Broken

Youth has emerged as a staple act in St. Louis, releasing a collection of singles and an

EP, as well as playing local venues like Fubar Saint Louis, the Ready Room, and the Way

Out Club in St. Louis, while also frequenting Sauget, IL to play Pop’s and the Local

Scene @ Pops. Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, and Bring Me The Horizon are some of the

band’s cited influences.

Broken Youth’s latest single, “Beneath Me,” was released on January 31st . This track

packs an intense punch from start to finish, starting the track by going right into a

breakdown. Technical drumming is featured throughout playing a variety of energetic,

metalcore inspired styles. Bass has a low and extremely full tone that adds to the intensity as it plays quickly through the chords. Guitar plays a fascinating part playing through the breakdowns with a warm, crunchy tone and fast strumming, sometimes breaking from them to play some quick individual note sections. Vocals cap off the song’s intensity with the help of some fantastic delivery, showing off great range and frequently incorporating background vocals that give the track a fullness to it. The track ends with a tempo changing breakdown to give the listener one last twist. Another single, “Waves,” was released in February 2019. This track is once again extremely intense, but this time, incorporating some more melodic elements such as clean vocals, synths, and some ear pleasing progressions. Drums are tight and fast while playing a variety of patterns and styles. Bass also moves very fast while giving off that same low and full tone, giving off extra intensity in the breakdowns. Guitar incorporates some melodic sections with more intense, rhythm-based sections as it goes through everything flawlessly and drives the track. Unclean vocals are once again delivered well, and the cleans alternate between intense and softer delivery, adding lots of dimensions to the track. There’s also a softer bridge section that serves as a quick but cool change of pace through all the energy. The band also released an extremely well made music video for the track, directed by J.T. Ibanez and available to stream for free on YouTube. Listeners should also check out their successful 2018 EP Blur, produced by Mitchell Rogers.

Currently, Broken Youth’s most recent show was the Unimagined Farewell Show at

Fubar Saint Louis, playing along with Morose, Luxora, and It Comes in Waves, in

addition to Unimagined. The next chance to see them live will be on March 25th at Red

Flag in St. Louis, along with Varials, Orthodox, Hard Graves, and Dead Wolvs. With

great music and a loyal following all over the St. Louis area, wonderful things are

absolutely in store for Broken Youth in both the near and distant future. Follow them

today and get to know this up and coming metal act.

Steven Giller

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