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Box of Books

Nov 11, 2018

Box of Books is a band based in West Chester, PA. Founded earlier this year, the band’s

nucleus consists of bassist/vocalist Thomas Lombard and guitarist/vocalist Michael

Trycieckyj. Box of Books’ sound is described as alternative folk, taking inspiration from

indie music and incorporating folk instruments. In addition to Lombard and Trycieckyj,

the full lineup currently features James Devor on mandolin, Bronwyn Livezey on violin,

and Anthony Saddic on accordion. Despite just starting out, the band has appeared at

venues all around the greater Philadelphia area, including the Chadds Ford Tavern in

Chadds Ford and Timothy’s in West Chester.

Last month, Box of Books released their debut album, titled Expectations. The nine-track album contains a well-arranged collection of original modern songs with several folk elements. To promote Expectations, Box of Books released two tracks as singles,

“Heartless” and “Estella.” The first single, “Heartless,” has a fascinating vocal melody as well as excellent mandolin work. Indie music lovers will find similarities with bands like Your Heart Breaks. Lyrically, anyone who’s ever been in love can relate to the lyrics of not feeling good or sensitive enough when it comes to being a good partner. There’s also a great music video to promote the single. The second single, “Estella,” has elements of Irish drinking songs as well as sea shanties, with the violin and accordion parts really bringing out an old-time adventure feel to it. There’s also some cleverly placed 7 chords that really bring a mysterious vibe to the song. Some other standout tracks include “Field of Blue” and “Day Job.” “Field of Blue” seems to take inspiration from the music of Sufjan Stevens, sounding melodically similar to something off of The Age of Adz or Carrie & Lowell. The chorus is extremely memorable and well written, and listeners will probably have this song on repeat. “Day Job” has a fantastic bass line and country blues feel to it, as the song lyrically takes the listener through the familiar trope of not having well received art, something all artists and entertainers experience at some point in their lives.

Currently, Box of Books just played their album release show at a Ramsgate house in

West Chester. The gig was presented by WCUR and also featured Burial in the Sky and

Mesén Around. Their next show will be at the Living Room at 35 East in Ardmore, PA,

alongside Greg Sover and Ali Awan, on November 23. This is just the beginning of the

extremely unique and talented indie folk outlet’s adventures. Be sure to keep up with Box of Books as they continue to gain momentum.

Steven Giller

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