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Feb 13, 2020

Bore is a hardcore band from and based in New York. Formed in 2018, the band consists of vocalist Branden Gallagher, guitarist and vocalist Danny Kopij, guitarist Frank Falchek, bassist Sid Valiquette, and drummer and vocalist Phil Corso. In just a short time, Bore has made a big splash in hardcore scenes all over New York, releasing an EP, creating music videos, and playing at venues like the Kingsland and Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, Lucky 13 Saloon also in NYC, and Shakers Pub in Oakdale, NY. The band is

currently with Small Settlement, a label based in Brooklyn.

In February 2019, Bore released their debut, self-titled, EP. The two track EP is

extremely well done, so much that it’s hard to believe it’s their first release. Hardcore

fans everywhere will enjoy these tracks, as they contain all the intense energy and

awesome breakdowns one looks for in hardcore, while bringing in great aesthetic ideas

that makes them memorable. The first track, “Ashtray / Libido,” draws the listener right

in with the screeching and fuzzy sounds of feedback giving way to the drums to begin the intro. These feedback sounds continue in spots as the track goes on, adding a raw feel that adds to the intensity. Drums are tight and energetic throughout all the sections and tempo changes, driving the track’s feel and serving as an awesome foundation. Bass plays an important part in bringing in a crisp, energetically low rumbling sound that locks in perfectly with the other parts. Guitars are tight and technical throughout the breakdowns, occasionally incorporating some brief lead lines, adding to the technicality. Vocals are well delivered and show off a good range in hardcore screaming. The second and final track, “George and the Devil,” builds off the intense energy of the first, while incorporating some softer sections and the use of clean vocals. Drums play a variety of unique rhythms; some fast, some technical, some both. Bass is extremely technical from start to finish, and sets the musical foundation for the breakdowns, where the technicality is especially good. Guitars interact with each other in an awesome way; often letting chords rings out with effects, adding to the raw intensity, while playing changes very pleasing to listen to in the clean sections. Vocals are impressive, and even more intense in the unclean sections than the first track, and the clean vocals are well delivered and add interesting contrast. Bore also released a music video of them performing the track, directed by Alex Plass and available to stream on Bandcamp.

Bore has a lot of great stuff planned for the near future. They are preparing to release

their second EP and first with Small Settlement, Bore II, in May. Until then, they’ll be

dropping a single in February and have a music video currently in the works. The next

chance to see Bore live will be on April 2nd at Amityville Music Hall in Amityville, NY,

along with Actor Observer, I Dreamt The Sea, Outer Body, and Goliath. Bore is certainly

a band to look out for as they continue to gain momentum throughout New York, and

with great things already planned for this year, they’re only just getting started.

Steven Giller

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