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Nov 28, 2019

Bochek is an alternative rock band from and based in Providence, RI. Formed in 2012,

the band consists of drummer Noah Mangelson, bassist Dante Krystman, guitarist John

Bonoan, and vocalist Nevin Kosinski. Over the past several years, Bochek has become a

staple act in the Rhode Island music scene and throughout New England, releasing a

collection of singles and EP’s, as well as playing shows in places like Boston, MA,

Portland, ME, and even Nashville, TN. Providence venues they’ve played include Askew

Prov, Fete Music Hall, Dusk, and Troop. Bochek’s musical style is extremely unique,

incorporating elements of rock, funk, and experimental. The band finds inspiration and

enjoyment in versatile artists like Ornette Coleman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Miles


Bochek released their most recent single, “Sentimental Stainless Steel Chain Necklace,”

earlier this month on November 19th . This unique track is full of fantastic musicianship

accompanied by mysterious effects, which include the drawn out sounds of people

laughing throughout and a feeling of hearing the music while “underwater” in the intro.

The bass part is present throughout and moves through the progressions with a lot of cool rhythms and an all around great sound. The relaxed vibe of the drum part complements the intensity of certain parts of the track well, and does a great job at seamlessly directing the track’s energy. Guitar is technical, and handles both rhythm and lead responsibilities with bright effects. These effects are especially awesome when the melodic licks in the chorus are played, paired with the mysterious laughing effects. Vocals are soulful and high energy, showing off great range both in pitch and dynamics. Bochek also released a single back on July 15th , titled “Solid Clay.” This track adds some garage rock elements to the mix, and is great for fans of artists like The Strokes or The White Stripes. The guitar part grabs the listener’s attention right away, playing a fun mix of rhythms and melodies with crunchy effects that frequently incorporate distortion and adds intensity, technicality, and slide elements at the track’s end. Drums play a variety of rhythms with various different intensity levels, which adds a theatrical element to the track’s structure. Bass is extremely technical and melodic, playing through lead-like lines with the guitar at the track’s intense end, and perfectly complimenting the melodic elements from start to finish. Vocals continue the trend of soulful energy and great melody, with added intensity from the help of some crackle effects. In the heavier sections, the delivery captures the track’s aesthetics perfectly.

Currently, Bochek recently played a Halloween show at Askew Prov in Providence,

along with Toad and the Stooligans and Badword$. The next chance to see them live will be on November 29th at News Café in Pawtucket, RI, along with Aquaria, Delko, and Silander-Allegretto Apotheosis Trio. They also have a show on December 11th at Dusk in Providence, along with Fontside and Like Mike. With a collection of great music and several years behind their belts, Bochek is sure to continue making great strides as time goes on. Follow them today and hear what their unique sound is all about.

Steven Giller

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