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The Black Ties

Dec 5, 2019

The Black Ties are a rock band from Monmouth Country, NJ. Currently based in Howell,

NJ, the band was formed in 2018. In just a short period of time, The Black Ties have

accomplished a lot in the New Jersey music scene and beyond. As a four-piece band,

they’ve released awesome music and played venues, which include the Brighton Bar in

Long Branch, NJ, Tiki Bar at Channel Club in Monmouth Beach, NJ, Mount Loretto

Grounds in Staten Island, NY, and the SAINT in Asbury Park, NJ. The Black Ties’ music

is inspired by all kinds of rock music, from the rock & roll of the 50’s, to the classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s, to today. Artists they’re inspired by include The Beatles, The Doors, Chuck Berry, and Green Day.

Last month, on November 1st , The Black Ties released their first single, titled “She’s My Baby.” This track is full of energy and reminiscent of early Beatles music and other acts from the era. Guitars are warm and melodic, playing fun rhythms, nice lead lines, and great soloing in the instrumental break. Like the guitars, the bass is also melodic as it plays through the progressions, and has a warming effect that allows it to stay well stated throughout and have an extremely smooth vibe. Drums are laid back while still keeping the necessary energy for the track with a rock & roll feel. Vocals are energetic, soulful, and well delivered, with great harmony throughout and cool use of range. There’s even a brief but fantastic harmonica solo in the instrumental break. The track’s intensity picks up briefly in the outro, leaving a final strong impression for a debut single. The Black Ties also released a B-Side titled “Make Up Your Mind.” This once again energetic track draws inspiration from classic rock of the late 60’s and beyond. Guitars are bright and have a garage rock-like crunch to them, often getting technical with fun licks throughout and a bluesy and melodic solo in the instrumental break. The bass melodically drives this track, and locks in with the guitars to create cool rhythm parts and harmonies for the guitars and vocals. The drums add incredible energy, with great dynamic effects on the steady 8th note parts in the middle of verse sections. They have a garage rock vibe like the guitars, with even some grunge aesthetics here and there. Vocals are laid back but still pack an energetic punch that fans of classic rock love to hear. This track’s chorus is very catchy and will easily get stuck in the listener’s head.

Currently, The Black Ties’ most recent show was at Rivoli’s Grill and Chill in Howell,

NJ. The next chance to see them live will be on December 7th at Jamian’s Food and Drink in Red Bank, NJ. When not recording music or playing booked shows, the band keeps busy by playing weddings and events, with great reception from everyone who attends. With so many great things accomplished in such a short time, one has to imagine The Black Ties are headed for great things in the months ahead. Follow them today and listen to their unique spin on a timeless sound.

Steven Giller

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