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Jan 22, 2019

Andross is an alternative rock/pop-punk band based in the Philadelphia area. Originally

from the town of Lansdale, PA, the band consists of vocalist and guitarist Tim Balch,

guitarist and vocalist Chris Waters, bassist Drew Grahn, and drummer Tom Brucker.

Formed in 2011, Andross has already made quite a mark in Philly, releasing multiple

albums, EP’s, and singles over the years and playing at well-known Philly venues

including the Fire, Kung Fu Necktie, and the Barbary. They cite Title Fight, Dance Gavin

Dance, Circa Survive, and their hometown band The Wonder Years as some of their


Last month, Andross dropped their latest single, “The Great Panjandrum,” available on

streaming services everywhere. This song is really catchy and has a great chorus. The

lead guitar work is melodic and features a variety of different rhythms keeping the entire part interesting. Andross’ influences are clearly stated here, with Balance & Composure being a very good comparison. All four members show great musicianship in their parts and gel flawlessly as a band. The band also released a music video on sites like YouTube to promote the song. This is a well-made video, featuring Andross playing on the stage at Chaplin’s in Spring City, a venue easily recognizable by Philly area music lovers. As guests arrive for the show and begin to drink wine while seeing the band play, they soon begin opening notes with the song’s lyrics. The rest of the video won’t be spoiled, so be sure to check it out.

Recently, Andross played a show at Creep Records Store in Philly alongside Floor Space, Socko, and Menace of the Canvas as part of Floor Space’s winter tour. They will return to Creep Records on February 9th to play alongside Copley Woods, It Makes Noise, Vague Advice, and Little Hank Moody. With so many years under their belt, and loads of great music and gigs to show for it, there’s no reason to not expect Andross to continue gaining momentum in 2019 and beyond. Keep up with Andross and be in the know about what these guys are up to.

Steven Giller

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