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Feb 5, 2019

Am0ra, pronounced “amora” and often stylized as AM0RA, is an emo band based in the

Philadelphia area. Originally from Doylestown, PA, the band consists of vocalist Billy

Zee, guitarist Tristan Wikler, drummer Bryan Rodriguez, guitarist Chris “Svansky”

Swanson, and bassist Nick Magidson, with all instrumentalists also making vocal

contributions. Formed in 2014, Am0ra has spent the last few years releasing music and

playing at several Philly-area venues, including the Barbary and the Fire in Philly,

Chaplin’s in Spring City, PA, and the Round Guys Brewing Company Underground in

Lansdale, PA. Their sound is influenced by a wide variety of artists, including Cedar

Green, A Scent Like Wolves, In Aviation, and Borderlines.

Last summer, Am0ra released the album Martyr: A Recital of Self-Destruction, produced

by James Hohenwater of Studio 308. The twelve-track album features heavy guitars,

extremely deep lyrical content, and all around great musicianship. “Goodnight” is the

opening track which serves as a great intro and transition into “Like Father, Like Son,”

with some heavy spoken word to set the mood for the next track. As “Like Father, Like

Son” begins, the listener is greeted with a boldly stated bassline and a powerful intro.

This song has great balance between the unclean and clean vocals, and the lyrics are a

continuation of subjects mentioned in the previous track. Am0ra really opened this album

well, but there are plenty of other highlights as the album goes on. “Noca” plays around

with elements of pop punk through the power chord progressions and vocal melody,

while still keeping in some unclean vocals. “11:19 (Feat. Aaron Vasco)” has some really

tight drumming with Rodriguez playing several different patters. The guitar tone is

reminiscent of modern alternative, the vocals are delivered in interesting rhythmic

patterns, and the chaotic screaming in the bridge section was an awesome touch.

“Martyr,” the title track, features a complicated lead guitar part very reminiscent of

August Burns Red, and is one of the more high-energy tracks on the album.

Currently, Am0ra is about to kick off what’s sure to be an eventful 2019 for their

momentum. Their first show of the year will be at the Voltage Lounge in Philly on

Saturday, February 9th , alongside Landon Tewers, Ghost Atlas, and Sixteen Tons. They’ll

also be premiering some new merch on this day. Am0ra has done so many cool things

over the short recent span, and as they continue to gain a following, more and more

people are going to really enjoy them and their sound. Follow Am0ra and see/hear for

yourself the great thing these guys have going.

Steven Giller

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