Carter fox

Carter Fox is an accomplished man of many talents. The Philadelphia-based musician has

made a name for himself over the last decade both as a bassist and as a producer. He’s

collaborated with several acclaimed artists such as Diplo, Victor Wooten, the Grammy-

nominated David Ivory, and even the great Leon Huff. As one might guess for an artist

with such a resume, Carter Fox’s music is truly something special. Some of his own

musical influences include Infected Mushroom, Herbie Hancock, and Lotus. Whether

he’s playing solo or sharing the stage with one of his bands, Fox is well known at venues

around the area and beyond.

As a producer, Fox’s latest undertaking is the album Epoch, released earlier this year

through Biblioteka Records. The eleven-track album showcases Fox’s musicality and his

ability to create emotionally moving instrumentals inspired by his desire to astrologically

and philosophically explore. Lead single “Welcome to the Universe” is an excellent

example of how Fox blends his influences. The song uses elements of hip hop, chillstep,

and funk to give the listener a complex but accessible “welcome” to Fox’s universe. It

also features great use of a funk-inspired guitar part that shows off his Huff ties. Second

single “Cosmic Microwave” also utilizes similar elements, held down by a memorable

bassline that adds a complex dimension to a casual song. It even lives up to its title and

features some microwave sound effects. Other memorable tracks include “Nebula,” a

beautiful and moving piano-based representation of the quiet and vast cosmos, and

“Water,” an experimental track with a nostalgic mid-90s sound a la Bjork and Moby.

When Fox isn’t creating epic tracks as a producer, he’s out playing virtuosic bass as a

member of the experimental soul band JUTAUN or in the backing band of Grammy-

winning R&B artist Freddie Jackson. It’s pretty clear that Carter Fox, despite

accomplishing so much already, has a very bright future ahead of him.