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ARTIST OF THE WEEK - some ghosts

Some Ghosts is an alternative rock band from and based in Bristol, PA. Formed in 2019,

the band consists of guitarist and vocalist Justin Henderson, guitarist and vocalist Justin

Thomashefsky, drummer Joe Lipski, and bassist Michael Horvath. Over the past several

months, Some Ghosts have kept busy establishing themselves, releasing music, music

videos, and scheduling shows all around the Philadelphia area for what’s sure to be an

incredible 2020. Their alternative rock sound spans many influences and styles that will

be enjoyed by all fans of alternative music, incorporating elements of pop punk, emo,

math rock, and more.

Some Ghosts just released their EP, Sleep Soon, on March 6th . The four-track EP is the

perfect way for listeners to familiarize themselves with the band’s versatility, as the EP

has several diverse elements. “Sleep Soon” is the opening and title track, and serves as

the first single. This upbeat track features tight and technical drumming, with the part

being especially highlighted in the bridge. Bass lines are smooth and confidently

delivered through all the progressions and patterns. Guitars make use of some bright

effects mixed with some crunchier ones, bringing influence from both pop punk and

garage rock, with a great attention grabbing rhythm part in the choruses. Vocals are well

delivered and show off great range, using a variety of effects throughout. Some Ghosts

also released a music video for the single, created by Tyler Kelch and Fake Lemon

Media, with several contributions from Coady Clarhaut, available for free to stream on

YouTube. The video features the band performing the song in an extremely photogenic

field with great editing throughout, and a small funny bit at the very end. “Complacent

Dumb” is a raw, emotional, and intense track that introduces new elements like the

addition of acoustic guitar in several parts. Drumming is arranged and executed in a way

that allows the track to show dramatic energy as it progresses. The bass part is well done

and features a technical bit with the other instruments in the instrumental bridge. Guitars

are technical throughout and introduce many different aesthetics as the track goes on.

Vocals are once again well delivered, this time in an extremely raw and high-energy

manner. “Silver Lake” serves as the EP’s other single, and features a slightly mellower

vibe while still keeping great energy. The technical drumming that ranges from softer to

more intense drives the track from start to finish. Bass plays several interesting patterns

throughout. Guitars are highlighted in the bridge with them interacting in a Midwest emo

type of way reminiscent of bands like American Football. Vocals are delivered in a

smooth way and feature some great background parts. The final track, “Maple Ave,” once

again features Midwest emo guitar parts, this time with even more technicality. The fast

and crunchy bass part gives the track a cool, rugged foundation. Drums are technical and

bring different aesthetics throughout. The intense vocal part features several uses of

screams and shout vocals.

Currently, Some Ghosts is preparing for their very first show on March 12th at the Fire in

Philly. They’ll be playing along with Puriden and elbowache for what’s sure to be an

awesome night. It’s been just a few months, but Some Ghosts already has some awesome

momentum going their way, and things are going to get even better for them as the year

goes on. Follow them today and give a listen to their awesome new EP.

Listen to Some Ghosts


Steven Giller, Sad Gregory 2020

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