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American Dinosaur 

Feb 27, 2020

American Dinosaur is a rock band from and based in Philadelphia, PA. Formed in 2013,

the band consists of D. Bryant Spitko, John Callaghan, John Welsh, and Lukas Gelleri.

It’s been an impressive run for American Dinosaur over the past several years. They’ve

released a collection of music spanning singles, EP’s, and an album, as well as playing

Philly venues like MilkBoy, Bourbon & Branch, Connie’s Ric Rac, TLA, and more.

Some cities beyond Philly they’ve played include Richmond, VA, New York City, and

Newark, DE. American Dinosaur’s rock sound spans several styles, elements, and

influences, providing an adventurous, unique, and exciting listening experience. The band

is currently with PreHistoric Records.


American Dinosaur released their latest single, “Joshua,” on February 18th. This track is

well written and uniquely arranged, featuring an extended bridge section with a lot of

cool nuances. Drums are tight and give off a vibe reminiscent of 90’s grunge and

alternative. Guitars have a similar vibe in the verses and choruses, and have great

harmony and technicality in the extended bridge. Bass is smooth, present, and warm

sounding as it plays though the progressions. Vocals are well delivered, have an edginess

to them that fits the track perfectly, and make great use of harmony throughout. The band

also produced and released a music video for the track alongside videographer and editor

Andy Belcher. Set throughout the streets of Philly, the video follows the day of two

skateboarders as they hang out, skate and party, with some incredible shots of awesome

skateboarding and great views of Philly. Earlier this year, in January, the band released

the single “Burn Carolina.” This track has a super chill, garage rock feel to it, and is

extremely catchy, especially in the choruses. Drums are steady and confident throughout,

throwing in some technical fills at spots. Guitars and warm and bright as they play

through the progressions, ringing out and adding fullness to the track. Bass is crisp and

sets a strong melodic foundation. Vocals have a cool relaxed delivery and great melody,

once again taking advantage of some awesome harmony. Once again, this track has a

music video produced and released by the band, this time with videographer Rob

McCandless. The video features a variety of trippy images and effects to create a crazy

and unique viewing experience while listening to the song.


Currently, American Dinosaur’s most recent show was their album release show at

Johnny Brenda’s in Philly, alongside Honeytiger and Kirby Sybert. The album, titled Are

You Decent? is dropping and setting the stage for what is sure to be an incredible 2020

for the band. Still staying active after so many years of releasing music and playing

shows, American Dinosaur doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon, and the

best is definitely yet to come. Follow them today and explore their unique sound

spanning all different musical styles.

Steven Giller

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